Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's easy when you're not the one battling traffic

It's easy when you're not the one
battling traffic.
 Marjorie and I on our way
 to the TV station.
I set up this blog in August 2011
and never got around to actually, well.... blogging. 
So what better time to start than on the heels of my first television interview. 

It wasn't something I had on my "Bucket List", but being thrown an opportunity to promote an event I was involved with, how could I say no. 

So with team member/bestie/fellow artist Marjorie Pezzoli, along for the adventure, we set off for Channel 6, San Diego. We were to appear as guests on San Diego Living, with Marc Bailey.  To promote a fundraising project called Palette to Palate. The show airs live, oh yes! Just in case we weren't nervous enough already.
The whole experience was great fun from the moment we walked in the studio door. We were greeted by a lovely young man and escorted to the "Green Room". 

While we waited for our segment we chatted with a couple of beautiful young ladies, Jennifer and Nicole. Identical twins, and co-founders of  Old New Borrowed Redo.  They'll make a keepsake from  your wedding/prom or any other special dress or piece of clothing. you should check them out.

They loved my "redo" of a wedding dress into a faerie costume, which I just happened to have brought along for the show on the advice of my sister.

Before we knew it Tiffany Frowiss was
 there to get us ready for our "Bit"

According to Tiffany we had about 45 minutes before
 our segment when she brought us to set-up.
It was a chilly day in San Diego... really, it was.
 Our segment would air from the outside patio. 

So Marjorie and I went about setting up our tables and prepping ourselves, twenty minutes later, I was just about to clip my hair back, when standing in front of me was Marc Bailey.
I thought he was just saying hello before the segment, but no chance, next thing I know the camera is on Marc and he's doing his intro! and I couldn't find my hair clip.

"Sunny San Diego" Dichroic glass pendants by Debb Solan

You can See our segment here and if you happen to notice the whereabouts of the errant hair clip (which also made it's TV debut) tell us where it appears in the video by emailing me, &  you might just be the lucky winner of a very lovely Dichroic Glass Pendant from my Fusionglass series called "Sunny San Diego". I'll choose a random winner from the entries. Winner will be announced on May 31st.

If you like to find out more about Palette to Palate
Check out photos from our Event here: 

and when all was said and done
we were allowed to ham it up in the studio! 
Thanks Tiffany Frowiss and
Channel 6 for making our TV debut so much fun!

In future blogs I'll show you how we created
some of the projects for the event.
 Including the "SteamPunk" style silk seen in the background.
We used the silk layered with two others to create the sculpture incorporated in the centerpiece Tree at the top of the page.

We had much help from many to complete this project check out:
www.pezzoliart.com www.fusionglassco.com