Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Everyday Heroes"

 "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."                                      

                                                                                           Leo Buscaglia

We all know an "Everyday Hero", someone who consistently shows in big or small ways how much they care. It might be a school teacher, babysitter, grandma, or neighbor. It might be someone you know or someone who just passes through your day never to be seen again. Everyday heroes know that small things matter. They know a kind word or a smile can go a long way.  

I met an "Everyday Hero" this week. His name is Scooter. He stopped into the Fusionglass Co. gallery to ask for directions to a local costume store Gypsy Treasures. I knew exactly where it was and directed him with visual clues included.  
"Look for a baseball field on the right" I said... "a big red building on the left..."  

He thanked me profusely for the visual clues and I said "I'm an artist, that's how I see things". 

He said "You're an artist! me too!"  he then proceeded to dig around in his backpack and pulled out a bunch of balloons and a little pump. He asked me my favorite color (green), and while he fashioned me this lovely green flower he told me a little about himself.

Photo: In the neighborhood, this guy stopped by to ask for directions. His name is "Scooter"  
He rides around on his Scooter & makes balloon gifts for people. He made a green flower for Debb 󾌫 Give him a wave if you see him riding along! He brings smiles wherever he goes!

He was on his way to the costume store to buy more balloons. He took up balloon art years ago after suffering a brain injury during a motorbike accident. He said the visual clues I gave  him using color and shape would really help. He rides around on a scooter (and hence the nickname) and when he sees someone sad or mad or in need of a smile, he makes them a balloon gift!  Scooter knows it's the little things that count. I was so glad to meet him and as I thanked him I told him he had made my day!

If you live in my neighborhood and happen to meet Scooter or see him riding along, give him a wave and a smile, I know it will make his day!

I'm writing this blog a week before "Valentines" day and know it can be an especially hard time for many people. As any holiday can. The focus on couples and being part of something can leave many people feeling discarded and uncared for. Which is sad for a holiday about making people feel special and loved.

"They" say that doing something for 21 days in a row makes it a habit. So we have just enough time left in the month of February to form a new habit. 
I am going to concentrate of letting people know I care. For the next 21 days (I don't plan to stop after 21 days) I will focus on doing at least one nice "unexpected" thing for someone.

There are all kinds of free or inexpensive ways to show someone you care.

 heartcard 2012One of my favorites is to share a beautiful
  inspirational quote.   

Dropped into a colleagues inbox on a busy day it can be uplifting and re-energizing 
Inspiration on a note tucked under the wiper-blades instead of the usual junk you find there! 

How about bringing in the garbage cans for a neighbor. This is one I especially appreciate!


Do you know an "Everyday Hero"?

Just use this link to email your nomination to us at Fusionglass Co. Please include one paragraph on why you think your nominee is an "Everyday Hero". Only nominations received before midnight on Feb 26th 2015 will be considered.

On Saturday February 28th we'll announce our winner on Facebook.
The winner & the person who nominated them will each receive a beautiful fused glass heart pendant created by one of our Fusionglass Co. artists. Right from our Heart to yours!

 The photos below include my very own "Everyday Heroes"  I am lucky to be surrounded by wonderful giving loving people. Thank you all for your support and love, It sure makes life grander to know you!