Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Take pART" Donated Art Supplies and Tools Sale!

"Take pART"  

   "Creativity is Contagious, pass it on" Albert Einstein

Fusionglass Co's Mobile Glass Class.

Donate ART & CRAFTS supplies and tools you are not using or have outgrown & you'll be helping us get our "Take pART" program into local schools.

The program was developed in direct response to the many conversations we've had with teachers when they visit the Fusionglass Co. gallery. They often mention how much the kids love our classes, and lament the fact that there is little or no money for field trips to allow more kids to experience the joy of creating with this wonderful medium.

We decided to look for a way that would allow us to bring the experience of glassworking right into the classrooms. After some research and playing around with different ways of transporting the projects, we have found something that works beautifully.

Patz Crisler
 We offer reduced price classes to local schools, Girl and Boy Scouts and Church groups,
and bring everything they need to create gorgeous glass art right into the classroom.

New instructor Patz Crisler is excited to be involved with the program. Her delightful personality and creativity are a huge addition to the kids experience! Patz is looking for bookings so if you're interested in having us visit YOUR kids school, please email info@fusionglassco.com for more information.

Our event on December 13th 2014 is from noon to 3pm.
This is a great reason to clean out your closet, garage or studio and get those unwanted supplies into the hands of someone who will use them! 

Attend the event and you might even bring home treasures instead! 
We'll be keeping most items to just $1.00!
With a $2.00 charge at the door. Unless you've donated something.
Last year many teachers we know took great delight in adding supplies to their classrooms! Using their own money! This is another reason we love to keep things priced at only $1.

If you'd like to donate something:

Please Drop off donations before Dec 12th 
at the Fusionglass Co. Gallery & Studio
in La Mesa, any Monday to Saturday

between the hours of 11am and 4pm

Or call the gallery at 619-461-4440 to make special arrangements.
We can even arrange to have something picked up.

Drawing, Painting, Clay, Pottery, Knitting, weaving, collage items, sewing, photography, mosaics, jewelry making, beading, fabric arts, stain glass, and any other hobby you can think of

SATURDAY December 13th

we will open our doors from noon to 3pm for the special sale.

So come early & bring friends! 

We love seeing the result of working directly with kids, their huge smiles when they see a completed project is enough to make your heart sing! They are developing a love and appreciation of art and the art of creating and experience the artistic process. We are constantly amazed by their resourcefulness and ability to understand concepts.